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SliTaz Mailing list

Users support, general information, SliTaz contributors discussions and announcements (inc. support and development). All this is part of the mailing list - Join now to get help or involved in the project.

About the list

The discussion/distribution (mailing list) is the main form of communication in the SliTaz community. The list is open to everyone, you are free to subscribe, unsubscribe at any time. It is a very effective means of collaboration, and is used to provide free technical support to users of SliTaz. Developers, advanced users, proofreaders, etc, use the same list to manage the development of the project. Using the same list for support and development allows us to reach a wider audience, resulting in a faster, more accurate response. However, the members on the list are all volunteers and do the best they can based on their free time. Courtesy and politeness are de rigueur and little bit of humour never hurt anyone.

The mailing list is used to send messages and receive mail. This means that all registered members can post on the mailing list and receive all messages posted by other members. Messages are sent by the list engine of TuxFamily powered by the excellent VHFFS.


The mailing list is used by some often passionate and sensitive people. Make an extra effort to treat others with respect, even if you feel badly treated yourself. If you have something negative or critical to say, please do not post. If a person looks inappropriate contact a SliTaz developer.

Using the list

To be able to post on the list, you must first subscribe, you will then receive a confirmation message. This mail contains a confirmation number which you need to return to the list administrators (this prevents spam). Once the mail and the confirmation message are received, you can then post on the list and receive all messages that are posted. Note that messages can be filtered by your preferred mail software into a specific directory. It is also advisable to use "Reply", to reply to a message so that the discussion thread can be properly followed.


Messages should be sent as raw text and not HTML, justifying the lines to 72-80 characters so that people using a mail client in text mode can easily read them. The format for these messages can be done automatically by most good mail clients such as Sylpheed and also allows for more straightforward reading of the archives. It is also advisable to remove unnecessary citations and not to attach large files.

Archives of the list

The mailing list is a public forum, all messages are archived and are searchable online. This allows the non-registrants to still follow the list, it is also a good resource for information about specific subjects. The list is archived every night and you can easily browse the archive via the list engine of TuxFamily. Messages are sorted by month and date or by discussion thread (Thread) : Archives of the Mailing List