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Welcome to SliTaz

SliTaz is a secure and high performance operating system using the Linux Kernel and GNU software.

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Make SliTaz even more popular or make a donation. You can use PayPal or cryptocurrency to monetary support us. You can Blog, Tweet, share and talk about the project to help spread SliTaz. You can also join the project to connect and share or get involved on the SliTaz Community Network.

You may also want to become an official sponsor via a monthly donation or by providing us with some hardware or server resources. More information

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One way to help the project is to make SliTaz even more popular. Blog, Tweet this page, share and talk about the project. SliTaz is also social, you can join us, share artwork or post a blog on the SliTaz Community Network, "Like" the official SliTaz Facebook page and get involved!


The SliTaz web site is available in several languages and maintained by the internationalization team (i18n). Help is often needed and you're welcome to join us if you would like to see the website translated into your language.


You can get SliTaz logos, screenshots and wallpapers and get involved in the SliTaz Artwork team to help with default artwork provided with the distribution ISO images. More information in the Artwork section.