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Release Guides

Cooking release

TOWRITE - some non-updated info (we use cookiso now): on the wiki/cookbook

Stable release


Instructions on using the build host are described in the Cookbook: SliTaz Build Host (tank).

Project release

SliTaz sub projects are individually released using the SliTaz developers tool aka ‘tazdev’. Here is a handy cmdline guide to release a project. In this guide we are going to release ‘spk’ 1.0:

$ cd spk
$ hg pull -u
$ hg tag 1.0
$ hg push
$ tazdev -rp spk

Some packages don't need to be archived on the mirror since they are mirrored in the full packages tree. Once that you have released the package and said yes to updating the wok (or done it manually), you can push it to and wait for the package to build on the SliTaz packages Cooker. Push to Hg:

$ cd ../wok
$ hg push