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Artwork & Design

This section of the website is dedicated to art and graphics intended for the SliTaz project. Images are free, and you can use them to make your own wallpaper or display a logo on your site to help popularize the project. The SliTaz logos and icons are available for download in SVG format. You will also find here some screenshots made with mtPaint and The Gimp. The Artwork team has its own platform on the SliTaz Forum.

Artwork for SliTaz

As with many things SliTaz, graphics, logos, themes, and wallpapers are fully constructed by the community and developers. The project always likes to maintain elegant, sober, quality design. Making a logo, wallpaper or otherwise is a good way to participate in the project without getting your hands dirty coding or document proofing xHTML. If you want to create artwork for SliTaz, or if want to create an account on the SCN platform to upload your work, or you want to use some artwork online it is highly recommended that you contact us first via the Mailing List. Please, try not to send files that are too large.

To maintain the constraints of the LiveCD, the image must not exceed 200 kilobytes and should be 1024x768 in size. Finally each release version offers a new theme/background which follow the same guidelines and it goes without saying that tools distributed with the system should be used. With a LiveCD you already have mtPaint and with an installed system you can find Gimp on the mirror. Note that the JPG format is preferred.

Logos & Spider

SVG Format: slitaz-logo.svg | slitaz-spider.svg | slitaz_qrcode.svg
SliTaz button SliTaz spider SliTaz Tux SliTaz spider Tazpkg package logo SliTaz mini logo
SliTaz QR code